I read your web page with a fine tooth comb, and saw many comments about how students loved the program. Frankly, I did not believe that part but registered for the program anyway. I was astounded when my son got into the car after the first lesson and said he loved it.
When I picked him up, I find that he has worked to tie his tie, learned a “box dance” which he tried to teach his mother, learned to eat and drink while standing at a party…. and his description of the evening was, “it was EPIC!” Just….. Wow. You must be doing something very special to get MY son to like your class!
My son could not stop talking about it, and wishes he could go every week... this despite much bribery to get him to consider it!
Thank you so much for your great work with our children this year. I saw a noticeable difference in my son's social skills -- especially his willingness to greet adults, shake hands, and make proper introductions when his grandparents were visit-ing. Very impressive.
The Cotillion class is great! My daughter did 1st year last year and is in year 2 now which is this Sunday early evening. Consider It! I really like Leslie McBee, the owner. I chaperoned one time and got to see the class in action with her leading. She relates to the kids well. I like her back ground too. She came from the corporate working world when she bought the business. Not only is teaching the Miss Manners part, she helps the kids grasp the whole "meet the world and be an active participant." In year 2 she helps them with pointers about public speaking, appropriate dining and social skills, inter-view process and performance.
I cannot imagine how young adults of today would ever learn the etiquette, grace and social interaction skills...without the in-struction you provide. There is a richness in your lessons that will make these young people into better adults.
The very good news is that today at Marist's Open House, my son knew where to put his name tag, and he also showed significantly improved manners in introductions, which I also credit to your team. Anyway, it's been a great experience and his 3rd grade brother can't wait to dress up and learn how to be a gentleman like his big bother!
I have told so many people what important work you and your team are doing and how you are changing our young people’s lives. Being the mother of a child with social skills challenges, this is beyond my wildest dreams. I now understand why after the first lesson he thanked us for “making” him go to Atlanta Professional Prep. He said he was learning “really important stuff” and that he wished he could go every week. We just teared up.
Getting these lessons from with their peers is important at this age.
Thank you so much. I would never have gotten into this university
Kids need to learn this from someone other than their parents.
You teach things that most kids do not learn anywhere else.
You've probably heard it a thousand times before so allow me to be 1001. My son, after much anxiety and grumbling about "being forced" to attend your program, had an excel-lent experience last night. The first thing he said when he got in the car afterwards was, "OK dad, I must admit it was a lot of fun". We had read some of the comments on the website before attending and he said, "Yea, those are the 8 geeks out of 8000 kids who have attended that actually had a good time". He admitted he is one of the geeks.