NAPP emphasizes the development of civility and professional social skills, through a carefully crafted series of lessons. Our classes focus on creating confident young adults by incorporating manners and etiquette into real-life situations. 

Founded over 20 years ago by Leslie McBee, North Atlanta Professional Prep (NAPP) has become a staple in the Atlanta community for teaching young adults the skills for professional development and social success. 

We offer four years of classes. The four years of classes build upon each other. We start with the basics and move toward more advanced lessons as your child ages, matures and enters high school. 

“I have told so many people what important work you and your team are doing and how you are changing our young people’s lives. Being the mother of a child with social skills challenges, this is beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Thank you so much for your great work with our children this year. I saw a noticeable difference in my son's social skills -- especially his willingness to greet adults, shake hands, and make proper introductions when his grandparents were visiting. Very impressive.”


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