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Our Curriculum

We offer three years of classes. These classes build upon each other, starting with the basics, moving towards more advanced lessons as your child enters high school.
$75 non-refundable registration fee due at time of registration, remaining balance due at a later time.

Year 1


5 Classes

Year 2


4 Classes
Including a 5 course meal & desert ball

Year 3


4 Classes
including white tie ball


How can I reserve a spot for my child?
To save a spot for your child, you will need to fill out our Registration Form (see “Register Here” Page at the top of the screen) AND pay the non-refundable 75$ registration fee. You space will not be held until we have received the registration fee payment.

What payment do you accept?
We accept payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. We will no longer be taking mail in checks.

When is the rest of my child’s tuition due?
The remaining portion of your child’s tuition will be due by August 1st. We feel that this is far enough out so that people not only know their plans, but we will know if we are meeting in person based on the current state of the pandemic.

Do we give refunds?
The registration fee is non-refundable. The rest of the payment, which will be due August 1st, can only be returned for a move out of state.

Will you be in person this upcoming year?
For Fall 2021 our plan is that we will meet in person pending the pandemic and venue availability. We follow the metro-Atlanta public school opening recommendations and guidelines. We will base whether we are open, how many people can be in one room, and whether or not masks will be required, based on what the schools around us are mandating.

What will be our COVID precautions?
We will follow the current CDC guidelines when it comes to meeting in person. This may include frequent hand sanitizing, further spaced seating, line dances instead of partner dances, wearing masks, bagged refreshments, smaller classes, etc.

I am not comfortable with my child meeting in person but am still interested in this opportunity, can I still register?
Yes! One of the good things that came from this past year is that we created an incredible virtual program. If you have reservations about meeting in person, you can choose “Virtual” on the registration form. Your child will get the same lessons as their peers from the comfort of your home.

When will I know the dates of the classes?
Our dates are set based on school calendars and venue availability. We always plan classes around school breaks and religious holidays. The official dates and time of classes will be released mid-summer.

How will I know what location my child will be at?
New to 2021, we are allowing parents to choose their location preference on the registration form. We have two locations- one for Decatur/ Lakeside area students and one for Buckhead/ Brookhaven area students.

Can my child be with all of their friends?
Our goal is to try and make this as fun as we can. However, we must balance the classes by gender and schools represented. Each class is a mix and an opportunity for your child to make new friends. We will always make sure that there are several students from each school in a session. We do our best, but NAPP is all about learning how to be socially aware and meet new people.

Is there a dress code?
Yes. The dress code is business casual/professional. For boys, this means khaki pants and a blazer with tie, or a suit. For girls, it means slacks and a blouse, or a skirt or dress that is knee length and shoulders covered. We highly suggest purchasing character shoes for dance lessons. High heels and shoes without backs are not acceptable.

My child missed a live session, can we make it up?
Unfortunately, no. Our schedule for live sessions for all three years is incredibly tight and we do not have available dates to recreate our classes. If you see that you will be unable to attend a scheduled live session, we will be able to accommodate your student in the virtual session.

How many spaces will be available?
Spaces are limited. Spots are first come first serve. We suggest registering as early as possible, and if you have friends/large group, make sure to register around the same time.